Automated disposition

- for a more efficient & innovative disposition process -

Example photo - pure back-end software module, which is integrated into the inventory system.

Special features of the aluco-Dispatching

Software Module

The automated disposition is a pure back-end product, which is integrated via an interface (API) into the existing system and thus into the existing disposition mask - a new training of the dispatchers is therefore not necessary.

Planning within

The daily scheduling of around 2,000 short-distance shipments takes less than 60 seconds. This means that more than 80% of the time can be saved, which significantly reduces the workload of dispatchers in their day-to-day work.

Data Quantity

The aluco disposition is based on intelligent algorithms, which makes it possible to automate the disposition for all company sizes - data amounts irrelevant.

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All the advantages and performance features of our automated disposition at a glance:

Process optimization

With automated disposition from aluco, your processes not only become more efficient, but also more innovative and transparent. Thereby we optimize your processes step by step for a digital value chain!

Planning reliability

Our intelligent algorithms make dispositions due to missing master data records a thing of the past - we give you planning security and transparency in your disposition processes!

Cost reduction

Through efficient and accurate planning, the communication, administration and planning effort is significantly reduced! In addition, costs can be saved due to time-consuming processes and complaints!


On the basis of your data or the data determined by our freight measurement system, the digital and automated disposition takes place. This allows us to ensure a better utilization of tours!


With the help of our automated disposition, waste is reduced or avoided and a significant contribution is made to your sustainability strategy! 
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