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Special Features our aluco Data Cleansing Software


Identifying and Eliminating Duplicates

Data consistency is the key to making the best decisions. Our advanced technology enables the precise identification and efficient elimination of duplicates to ensure that you always have access to clear and reliable data - the basis for the best possible disposition process.


Correcting incorrect or inconsistent

We ensure data integrity through the targeted correction of incorrect or inconsistent entries. Our precise data cleansing provides the basis for reliable analyses and well-founded planning and business decisions.  



Targeted updating of outdated information is critical to ensuring accurate and relevant data. Our regular checks ensure that your master data is always up to date, providing the basis for accurate dispatching decisions.

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All advantages and features of our
Data cleansing Software module:

Improved data quality

By eliminating errors, duplicates and inconsistent entries, the quality of your data is significantly improved.

Better business analysis and decisions

Clean data enables more precise and reliable business analyses, which leads to well-founded disposition decisions.

More efficient processes

Consistent and accurate data promotes more efficient business processes as it supports smooth workflows and automated systems, such as our automated disposition software.

Cost Reduction

The reduction of errors and duplicates minimizes potential costs that can arise from incorrect decisions or inefficient processes.
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