Measurement Module

improved and actual dimensional data

aluco offers companies an individual measurement module that is specially tailored to the customer's relevant process. Data can be captured flexibly in different areas:

  • Loading gates of the transhipment hall
  • Unloading zone inside the transshipment hall
  • Areas of the underfloor conveyor chain
  • Picking zone
  • And many more ...

Special features of the aluco measurement module


The capturing and calculation of the dimensional data of (incoming) packages takes place without any interruption to the work process. This is done in real time so that the packages can also be recorded during transportation without affecting the continuous work flow.

Camera Manufacturer independent

We source various camera systems that are compatible with our measurement system. This allows us to react flexibly to fluctuations in resources and use a wide range of cameras for surveying.  


Due to the outstanding adaptability with regard to the measurement location and the measurement area, even large packages can be recorded. ´

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All advantages and performance features of our freight measurement at a glance:

Master data quality

Through our intelligent freight measurement system we improve the data quality regarding the dimension data!


We create transparency with regard to your incoming and outgoing goods processes. You gain full insight into the measurement data of your packages!

Efficiency improvements

With the help of our freight measurement, the communication, administration and adjustment effort is reduced and your processes become more efficient!

Increase in sales

With the help of the determined master data, accurate billing, i.e. tariffing, can take place, which means more sales can be generated!

Continuous improvements

By recording your master data, further optimizations can be made. This makes your value chain more and more efficient!
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